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The Vendor Spectrum

Vendors take many forms and can add value, help drive results or be a bottomless pit of soul crushing minutia. Read below to discover how to know the difference immediately.

Compliance and Risk Vendors

The Challenge

Vendors are a necessity

Vendors take many forms and can add value, help drive results or be a bottomless pit of soul crushing minutia. The actual value of a vendor lies in their ability to fulfill their contractual obligation to your firm in a precise, cohesive and meaningful way.

Many of our customers have experience with vendors that did not add value to their organization or project. Sometimes managers feel that vendors are necessary but not really a resource or opportunity. Many of our clients felt the same way about their vendors. After working with Oyster Consulting, our clients found that consultants can be a valuable resource and knowledgeable addition to teams.


    The Gaps      

Vendors can add substantial value by providing knowledge and experience when you need it most.


The Solution

Impressive Results - Experienced Resources

By using consultants with specialized skills, organizations should be able to outsource functions to improve their process and function. Highly trained and educated consultants add value and use skill to buttress a team that may be struggling.

Vendors that employ valuable resources, resources with decades of industry experience, are well read on current industry trends and topics, and have the soft skills that are so highly valued, can be important partners to your firm.  By utilizing vendors with experienced consultants, you can seamlessly bring in new team members without the burden or worry that many employers experience when trying to work with less experienced resources.

Vendors or outsourcing also offer an opportunity to gain specialized knowledge, either in the short term to inject into a finite project, or long term as in an ongoing outsourced position. Using outside resources can bring a business’s vision of growth and the reality of operating together.

The Outcome

Your most valuable resource - our consultants

Oyster provides individuals that have decades of experience in our industry. Our consultants also have the soft skills and business acumen that is prized. Our projects and consultants can help your firm reach your business goals.

Well run and impactful projects have similar traits that include:

  • Setting Clear Goals
  • Measure the Goals
  • Define Each Step
  • Use Success To Lead the Way
  • Be Organized
  • Define Roles for Process Governance
  • Have Clarity in the Goal and Outcome


The Road Map


Information is not knowledge.  The only source of knowledge is experience.  You need experience to gain wisdom.

-Albert Einstein




What Our Clients Have to Say

"The Oyster team has always shown they have in-depth industry knowledge that has proven to be invaluable to us as a firm, from looking at issues strategically to helping implement efficiencies.  We have never been disappointed with their engagements."

- President, National Broker Dealer


“Oyster took away the guess work, providing us with a strategy that led to value.” 

- President, National Broker Dealer


"Oyster's expertise helped us streamline our business model to ensure we are focused on driving revenue and becoming less burdened by outdated policies and procedures."

- Founder, Broker Dealer


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